Building Up Feelings

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album: Widescreen Cinematic - IMP_TP_2016

category: Production Music

original length: 00:00:56  

Building Up Feelings cover
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Dark, ambient, suspenseful buildup that resolves with a hint of hope. Contemporary instrumentation using a hybrid of traditional and modern elements. Tero Potila


Copyright info

Artist: Tero Potila

Composed by: Tero Sakari Potila

Published by: Instant Music Publishing

Label name: Superlala

Label code: LC-20075

Release date: 2016

Recording Location: Santa Monica, CA

Recording Year: 2015/2016

Catalogue Number: IMP_TP_2016

Copyright by: Instant Music Publishing & Licensing, LLC

Produced by: Tero Potila

Society: ASCAP, GEMA

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