Festival Overture Op 36 - Full Mix

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album: Rimsky-Korsakov

category: Production Music

original length: 00:15:17  

Festival Overture Op 36 - Full Mix cover
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CD description: Scheherezade, Russian Easter Festival, The Golden Cockerel Suite
Soft gentle opening. Violin takes lead to light pastoral mood with woodwind. At 1.32 heavy horn logo repeated by strings. At 2.09 main theme and soft pastoral flute. At 4.30 harp motif leading to fast excited orchestral activity. Shock chords and interplay with woodwind. Dramatic atmosphere. Proud excited broad theme by brass and flurrying strings. At 7.04 change to light mechanical mood and forceful chords. At 9.14 returns to heavy orchestration. Powerful dramatic stabs and strings. At 11.27 softer mood. At 12.08 rhythmic percussive Oriental flavour. Builds to heavy powerful ending
Featured instruments: Brass,Flute,French Horn,Horn,Strings,Violin,Woodwind


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Composed by: Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov (PD) 100%

Published by: CRML Limited (PRS) 100%

Label name: CPM Classical

Label code: 30200

Release date: 1995-12-31

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