My Country - 4) From Bohemias Wood And Fields - Full Mix

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album: Popular Smetana

category: Production Music

original length: 00:13:15  

My Country - 4) From Bohemias Wood And Fields - Full Mix cover
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CD description: My Country Vlatva, The Bartered Bride, Opera Highlights, String Quartet No 1
Heavy forceful dramatic orchestral opening strong storm like atmosphere. At 1.26 mood softens to gentle woodwind. Gentle pastoral mood. At 2.40 cutting point to mysterious strings gently building. At 4.16 pastoral theme. At 5.00 excited jagged strings followed by gentle woodwind. At 6.20 heavy orchestral proud rousing theme. Patriotic. At 7.30 cutting point to quiet string theme answered by heavy passages. At 8.27 folk dance mood. Light atmosphere to strong ending
Featured instruments: Strings,Violin,,Violin


Copyright info

Composed by: Bedrich Smetana (PD) 100%

Published by: CRML Limited (PRS) 100%

Label name: CPM Classical

Label code: 30200

Release date: 1996-12-31

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