Jeux Poeme Danse (Abridged) - Full Mix

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album: Saint-Saens - Debussy

category: Production Music

original length: 00:12:26  

Jeux Poeme Danse (Abridged) - Full Mix cover
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CD description: Carnival of the Animals, Iberia, excerpts from La Mer, Nocturnes
Slow quiet mysterious opening. Textural drifting floating atmosphere. String swells and light busy woodwind. Mysterious quizzical mood. At 7.20 playful darting woodwind busy. At 9.20 orchestral waltz time forceful section before soft ending
Featured instruments: Strings,Woodwind


Copyright info

Composed by: Claude Debussy (PD) 100%

Published by: CRML Limited (PRS) 100%

Label name: CPM Classical

Label code: 30200

Release date: 2003-12-31

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