Symphony No 5 In C Sharp Minor 2) Stuermisch Bewegt - Full Mix

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album: Popular Mahler

category: Production Music

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Symphony No 5 In C Sharp Minor 2) Stuermisch Bewegt - Full Mix cover
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CD description: Symphony No 5, Symphony No 10
Opens with dramatic strings. Heavy brass. Powerful intense atmosphere. Dangerous action / adventure feel. Strong forceful brass and exciting strings. At 1.32 softer mood builds again to orchestral swells at 3.08. At 4.03 pause to soft deep strings and low woodwind. At 5.50 broad strings and more heroic dramatic action. At 6.50 lighter woodwind in dance / march feel. Bright strings. At 7.35 heavy staccato passage serious sombre mood. Action / adventure. At 9.04 very heavy orchestration. At 9.36 cascading strings into darker mood. At 10.45 big theme and orchestral climaxes. Regal John Williams section. Crashing cymbals and heroic atmosphere. Epic huge climaxes at end section. At 13.02 light flitting woodwind. Quiet ending
Featured instruments: Brass,Cymbal,Strings,Woodwind


Copyright info

Composed by: Gustav Mahler (PD) 100%

Published by: CRML Limited (PRS) 100%

Label name: CPM Classical

Label code: 30200

Release date: 1995-12-31

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