ASIAN STARS - Sign Of The Arrival

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Electro euphoric world music with magic dance character.
Shaman Beat between Goa & cosmic dance.
We are not of your world.
On Sirius, we are at home.
We communicate with other worlds about Music.
But if we make music for you, you can not hear us.
That's why we use here on your earth a didgeridoo, a tanpura, an electric sitar, drums and a loop machine with classic AC.
We reduce Sirian vibrations to your worldly stereo image, which corresponds to your listening habits.
Definitely you will twitch. You call that dancing thing.
Upon arrival, the stars have glittered over Asia.
We have come up with a very modern name: ASIAN STARS.








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Artist: Teflon Fonfara & ASIAN STARS

Composed by: Teflon Fonfara

Lyrics by: Teflon Fonfara

Release date: 28.5.2016

Recording Year: 2016

Copyright by: Teflon Fonfara

Society: GEMA

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